Building a Better Experience

a better expereince is coming

Upgrades are in the works.

We're building a better experience for you.

In 2019, Northland is investing in our network to bring you even faster speeds, improved performance, and more reliable service.

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Upgrade Facts:

  • $50 Million Dollar
    Upgrade Investment
  • 2,400 Miles
    of Line Replacement
  • 250,000+ Homes
    Eligible for 100 Mbps

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Note: Unmarked map areas do not currently have upgrade work in progress, but may be scheduled for future work.

Project Road Map

Project kick-off

Our upgrade project begins in your area! We'll begin to update and install state-of-the-art equipment in your neighborhood. As we work in the area to finish this installation, services may be interrupted periodically.

Estimated Time Line: up to 2 weeks

Activation and Performance Testing

We’ll activate our equipment and review the network performance to ensure that everything is up and running. This phase should be minimally impacting, but may cause short interruptions during testing.

Estimated Time Line: up to 2 weeks

Cable Replacement

After testing is complete, there may be sections of cable that need replacement. While we'll work to minimize downtime, there will be disruption of service as we replace these sections of cable.

Estimated Time Line: up to 2 weeks

Final Testing

We'll complete our final testing to make sure everything is working at peak performance. Once we certify the work is complete, your services will be up and running with more reliability than ever before.

Estimated Time Line: up to 2 weeks

Project Complete

Project Notifications

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All trademarks and copyrighted materials are the property of their respective owners. Services may not be available in all areas. Service availability subject to address verification. Actual speeds may vary.

1 This site is intended as a customer resource with generalized project information. All mapped locations are approximate. Due to mapping limitations, mapped areas may contain streets that are not part of the current upgrade project. Schedules vary by location and may change without notice. The time period between phases may vary with some phases being scheduled apart or conversely phases may run concurrently depending on resource availability.

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