What is Streaming?

January 31, 2013 in Home, Streaming

The ability to enjoy entertainment on your terms is a hot technology trend. Whether you are watching a video on YouTube or listening to music on Pandora, the Internet is quickly becoming the place to find and watch movies, TV shows and sports and to listen to your favorite music.

This method of accessing entertainment content from the Internet, whether through your computer, cell phone, gamming system or smart TV is called streaming.

Streaming movies or music is slightly different than downloading them. Streaming content is delivered in real-time from a provider’s server so it does not take up space on your computer or device. This allows you to easily connect to and explore content libraries and watch a nearly endless supply of videos – all without bogging your computer down with large files.

Streaming requires a reliable and consistent high-speed Internet connection to deliver content with minimal buffering. Buffering is what happens when the connection can’t deliver the information fast enough to play it smoothly. If the connection is too slow, the player has to ‘pause’ the playback in order to store up enough of the file to allow it to continue again. For the best possible experience, we recommend an Internet connection with a speed of at least 6 Mbps.

Now that you know the technical side, let’s explore some of the great options you have with streaming!

  • Catch up on your favorite TV shows with Hulu Plus
  • Tune in to the latest headlines with local, national and international news broadcasts
  • Take in a comedy, drama or romantic movie with Netflix
  • View that video that all your friends are sharing on Facebook
  • Learn how to tie a bowtie with instructional videos on YouTube
  • Watch blockbuster movies with Amazon Prime Instant Video
  • Check out that new band’s music video on Vimeo
  • Listen to music on Pandora®, SpotifyTM or Last.FMTM
  • Connect to your favorite radio station’s live feed
  • Explore your world with TED talks
  • See the episode of Parenthood you missed last night directly on the NBC website
  • Have a front row seat to live sports with ESPN3
  • Game with friends on your PC, MacXbox, PlayStation or Wii
  • And so much more!

As you can see there are so many options to enjoy when you stream. With new content being added all the time, the possibilities truly are endless.

Leave a comment and let us know what you like to stream and join us next week to learn even more about where to find your favorite TV shows!