Watch ESPN3 with Northland

October 24, 2012 in Home, How To Guides, Services, Sports

Wondering how to access FREE content from ESPN3 with your Northland Internet service?

Here’s how!

Estimated time:

15 Minutes

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Will it work for me?

This solution should work on all devices connected to a Northland Internet connection. Once initially connected, remote access (away from a Northland Internet connection) is also available.

What you’ll need:

• Northland Internet connection (wired or wireless)
• An Internet ready computer, tablet or phone (ESPN3 streaming is not currently available on iOS devices)

Basic Instructions:

In your browser navigate to:
(Please note: If you access from another providers connection you may not be able to see content.)

Find an Event

Below the main image you will notice three tabs: Live Now, Upcoming and Replay.
Just below the tabs there are two filter buttons: Sports and Shows and Network.

Change the network to ESPN3 and the events that are available to you will be shown. (Please note: ESPN3 coverage is subject to blackout rules. ESPN3 coverage of certain events may not be available in all areas.)

On the upcoming tab you can see what will be on today and you can choose another date to view which events will be available in the future.

There is also a side-bar on the right side of the screen with upcoming ESPN3 events.

Once you have located the event that you want to watch, simply click the program name and a new streaming window will open and the program will load.

The Streaming Window

The streaming window is where the action happens. You’ll notice the viewing area on the upper left.

The viewing control buttons are located at the bottom of the viewing area. If they are not visible, hover your mouse at the bottom of the viewing area and they will return.

In the streaming window just below the program you can access scores and also see other events that are available for replay.

On the right side of the window is a chat box where you can log-in to chat with others.

Full Screen Viewing

You can view the event full-screen by hovering you mouse just below the streaming area and clicking the farthest right button (looks like 4 arrows pointing outward). Press ESC to leave full-screen mode.

Multi-Screen Viewing

You may toggle multi-screen viewing and watch up to four events at once by hovering your mouse just below the streaming area and clicking the multi-screen button (Looks like four boxes), second from the right.

Choose the additional events by clicking on ‘Choose Event’.

To fill your event screen, in the pop-up, highlight the event area (numbered boxes to the right) that you want and then find and click the event. Continue to do this for each of the open spaces.

You do have to fill them all. To change programs, re-activate the area and choose a new program.

When complete click the red ‘Launch Multi-Screen’ button which will return you to the viewing screen where you will see your events. You will hear the audio from event 1. To hear the audio from another event click one time on its video. Only one audio stream is available at a time.

To close or change an event, hover over it with your mouse and choose the applicable button.

To turn off multi-screen view hover your mouse just below the streaming area and click the multi-screen button.

Remote Access and Chat

To establish remote access and/or chat, you will need to set up an ESPN account. To do this click ‘Register’ on the top right of the screen. Follow the instructions to set up your account. (Please note: this must be done while connected to a Northland Internet connection in order to activate the remote access.)

To view ESPN3 while away from home click the ‘Remote Access’ button in the upper navigation bar. Once you log-in you will be able to access ESPN3 as normal.

Now that you know how to connect to ESPN3, you can stream over 3,500 sports programs each year – many in HD!

Having trouble? Feel free to call your local office for assistance.