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February 11, 2013 in Home, Streaming

You love your favorite shows. Of course, it’s not always convenient to watch them when they are on TV.

In our last article we told you all about streaming – the ability to access entertainment through your Internet connection. Today, let’s continue the conversation and talk about the major streaming TV providers.

The best part about streaming is that there are lots of options for watching your favorite TV shows. It’s really simple and it allows you to schedule your TV viewing around you life, instead of scheduling your life around your TV.

Network Websites

The first option is to go directly to a TV network’s website and find the shows that you want to watch. TV network websites are a great place to catch up on your favorite shows. Most TV networks offer their popular shows online within a day or two of their original airing. Additionally, it allows you to view programs on networks that you might not have access to in your area, like ABC Family.

The best part about TV network sites? Most of them offer their content for FREE. Network sites are your best option if you are looking for the most recent episodes of a specific show. Many networks also offer older content, for example offers shows like Dynasty and I Love Lucy.

Streaming Services

Beside the TV network’s websites, there are three major providers for subscription based streaming of movies and TV shows: Netflix®, Hulu PlusTM and Amazon Prime.

Each provider has it’s own mix of programming based on which networks and movie studios they have agreements with. You’ll want to take a look at each and decide which ones have the programming that best fits your family’s preferences.

Streaming providers content changes all the time, so there is always something new to watch, however for new episodes of your favorite shows, you will most likely have to wait until the entire season is released. New networks are being added all the time too – for example Amazon Prime just added A&E and its networks recently, including History Channel, Lifetime and Biography.


It all comes down to choosing what works best for you. We recommend trying out each service and deciding which ones your family likes. Don’t feel like you have to choose just one – we know lots of people who have subscriptions to all of the providers!

Let us know which streaming services you like best and what makes them work for your family by leaving a comment below.

Come back next week to learn how to locate the shows and movies that you want to stream.