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February 22, 2013 in Home, Streaming

Streaming makes watching TV shows and movies easier than ever. When you combine the libraries of Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video and network television sites you can almost get lost in the sea of available movies and shows!

To find the programs that you want to watch – when you want to watch them – you’ll need to know where to look.

One place to search for content is on each individual network’s website. Many have movies and current shows available for streamers like you. Most sites have an easy-to-use interactive interface that helps you find out what is in their library.

As you may have experienced, searching each individual site isn’t always practical, especially if you want something specific. Wouldn’t it be simpler if you had one central place to look that would show you all of your streaming options?

We think so! So read on and learn more about three websites that are working to make it easier and faster to find the streaming programs your family is looking for.

Zap2It has been our TV guide site of choice for years. They have recently incorporated online streaming TV listing into their site to make it even more convenient to find you favorite shows.

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The site allows you to browse through an alphabetical list of TV shows available online or to use a TV calendar to quickly see the status of new episodes.

Zap2It provides streaming options that are both free and paid including Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and ITunes along with network website listings. Additionally, some TV shows feature listings for YouTube, Vudu, and other lesser-known viewing options.

Zap2It is the best option for searching TV listings. is a search engine for streaming. With both movie and TV listings, it’s a great site to search. Just type in the name of the program or movie that you want to watch and see if or where it is available. If it’s not available, you can even choose to be notified if it becomes available online.

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The site features streaming listings for services including Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle and YouTube along with options for digital purchases and rentals.

While the site does not provide any free streaming options, if you’ve got a Netflix, HuluPlus or Amazon Prime subscription, or you don’t mind paying per movie then is a great choice.

IMDb or Internet Movie Database has long been the go-to for finding out which actress starred in your favorite movie or show. Now that they have added streaming options, the site can be a great reference for finding new ways to watch you favorites.

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The TV Show listings include both new and old shows each with a count of the episodes available online. Once you choose your show, its profile includes available episodes, some that can even be watch directly on the IMBb website via Hulu. Where available, some also include options to watch for free via the network’s website.

You won’t find listings from streaming subscription services like Netflix or HuluPlus. Since Amazon owns IMDb, the only paid options listed are – you guessed it – from Amazon.

The full-length movie list is extensive, but be warned – these titles are hardly blockbuster movies. Frankly, you’ll have a better experience off using for movies.

As you can see finding streaming options has become so much easier. Now comes the fun part… deciding what you want to watch!

Do you know of other websites that share streaming listings? Share them with us in the comments below.

Stay tuned for next week as we wrap up our Streaming 101 series by sharing about our favorite streaming devices that allow you to stream directly to your TV set!