Connect a Laptop to your TV

October 2, 2012 in Devices, Home, How To Guides, Technology

Ever wondered how to connect your PC laptop to your TV so that what you see on your computer screen shows up on the TV?

Here’s how!

What you’ll need:

◦ Laptop with a 15-pin VGA connector
◦ TV with a 15-pin VGA connector
◦ VGA cord (make sure it’s long enough to go from the laptop to the TV)
◦ Mini-plug to RCA cord (connects your computer’s audio to the TV, again make sure it’s long enough)

Estimated time:

Less than 15 Minutes

Difficulty level:


Will it work for me?

This solution should work for your PC laptop with Windows XP or higher and a newer TV.


1. Turn your laptop and TV on.

2. On your laptop, look for the VGA connector which looks like the image on the right.
(Some laptops may not have the tightening screws that appear to the left and right of the port.)

3. Connect your VGA cable to your laptop. Use the tightening screws if available to ensure that the cord is fully connected.

4. Find the same connector on your TV. This may be labeled as ‘PC’ or ‘VGA’ and connect your VGA cable to your TV.

5. Ensure that your TV is on the correct input and channel. (Varies based on brand)

6. Your computer should recognize that the TV has been connected, and may automatically bring up the computer screen on the TV.

7. If the computer screen does not automatically show up on the TV, you may need to manually change the monitor.

You can do this by holding the Fn key plus (usually on the lower left part of the keyboard) and pressing the corresponding F key at the top of the keyboard that has a monitor symbol on it.

Once you have pressed the buttons, give the computer a few seconds to respond. You may have to do this a second time if the computer screen goes black and the content is only shown on the TV.

Not working? Leave everything as-is and restart your computer.

8. If both screens are up, but do not show the computer’s desktop, bring up the Display Settings window.

To do this,
• Right click on the desktop
• Then click properties
• Then click the Settings tab.

You’ll see a box that shows monitor 1. Below the box, there are two check boxes. Both need to be checked:
• Use this device as my primary monitor.
• Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor.

9. Expand the window to full screen to view your content on your TV.

10. To connect your sound, plug the mini-plug end of your mini-plug to RCA cord to the headphone jack on your laptop and connect the RCA end to the corresponding jacks on the TV.

Now you can enjoy all of your computer content on your TV!