Northland Business Solutions Services

Traffic and Spot Delivery Information


Acceptable File Formats

.MOV, .MPG2, .AVI.
Your video file must have at least 5 seconds of black and then the beginning of your spot followed by 2 seconds of black.

File Compression Guidelines

720x480 Resolution 29.97 frame rate

Accepted delivery formats for spot encoding

Playable DVD
Mail to address on left
DG Fastchannel
System Code/
Call no: 1693
MiniDV -
Mail to address on left
BetaSP Analog -
Mail to address on left

Electronic delivery formats

FTP Site

Password: password123

Email Links

Email your spot to both Phillip & Tikia using:

Deadlines (Eastern Time)

This schedule will vary during holidays. Please contact your representative or the traffic department for changes to deadline. The deadline for co-op scripts is the last Friday of the broadcast month. Emailed traffic needs to be sent to your A/E as well as to Pam Piazza, Traffic Manager at

Desired Start Date Schedules and Traffic
Instruction Deadline
Spot Arrival Deadline
to Office in Statesboro, GA
Tuesday Noon on Monday 3pm on Monday
Wednesday Noon on Tuesday 3pm on Tuesday
Thursday Noon on Wednesday 3pm on Wednesday
Friday Noon on Thursday 3pm on Thursday
Sat, Sun, or Mon Noon on Thursday Noon on Friday

Click to download the production specifications pdf